Trauma - Day 2 (Saturday)

Vicarious Trauma for Practitioners

This presentation will explain the theories on vicarious on practitioners: how it happens and the effects of it in an attempt to de-mystify it and begin the important conversations that are often taboo in the helping/ healthcare professions. It will be an opportunity for delegates to reflect on their self-awareness of vicarious trauma, how they understand the signs of it, and what can be done about it. The presentation will offer various ways to mitigate vicarious trauma that practitioners can employ straight away.

Learning points:

  1. Understanding what vicarious trauma is and how it manifests
  2. Self-assessment of the effects of vicarious trauma
  3. Awareness of the early signs of vicarious trauma
  4. Strategies to mitigate vicarious trauma


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Silva Neves

Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapist

Silva Neves is a COSRT-accredited and UKCP-registered psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist, and a trauma psychotherapist based in Central London. He specialises in sexual trauma and compulsive sexual behaviours.

Silva is a member of the editorial board for the leading international journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

Silva is the author of two books: Compulsive Sexual Behaviours, A Psycho-Sexual Treatment Guide for Clinicians (Routledge), Sexology: The Basics (Routledge), and he co-edited two textbooks with Dominic Davies: Erotically Queer (Routledge) and Relationally Queer (Routledge).

Silva is the recipient of the Sexual Freedom Ally Award 2023, and speaks internationally.

"How Shame Containment Theory Can Help to Redefine Shame"

Shame Containment Theory is a new and innovative theory that facilitates a contemporary understanding of shame. This talk will introduce the theory and challenge some of the more traditional views about shame.

Delegates will be introduced to the five components of shame, gaining an understanding of shames purpose and it’s role in our attachment system. From there, delegates will begin to redefine shame and our relationship to this highly complex emotion.

Lisa Etherson

Psychosexual Therapist

Lisa Etherson is the creator of Shame Containment Theory which was developed as part of her PhD research into shame and compulsive sexual behaviour in adult men. She is a Psychosexual Therapist and runs a private practice in the north east of England.