Resurface: Learning To Flow @ The Wave, Bristol, UK

A day retreat including surfing, yoga, experiential work, deep relaxation and psycho-education, taking place at The Wave, Bristol.


  • Do you want to unlock your full potential and achieve peak performance?
  • Do you want to discover the secrets of flow, the optimal state of consciousness where you feel and perform your best?
  • Do you want to have a blast surfing, yoga, and connecting with like-minded people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Join us on Saturday, February 17th for a one-day retreat that will teach you how to access flow and harness its power for your personal and professional growth. You will get to experience all the benefits of a Resurface retreat, such as:

  • Surfing in a safe and controlled environment, with expert guidance from The Wave staff.
  • Yoga and deep relaxation sessions, led by our certified instructor Dr Kristine Steffenak.
  • Psycho-education and group work, facilitated by our experienced therapist Josh.
  • A supportive community of people who share your passion and vision.

Our retreat is based on the science of flow – an optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform at your best.

You will learn what flow is, how it works, and how you can trigger it in your life. You will also learn how flow can boost your creativity, productivity, motivation, and well-being.

Due to the February cold water, The Wave can only accommodate intermediate surfers (who can catch green waves) at this time. Beginners are welcome to join us again in March, when the water temperature will be warmer.


  • 9.30am Meet and greet
  • 10.00am Yoga with Dr Kristine
  • 11.00am Psycho-education on Grief with Josh
  • 12.30pm Surf Lesson
  • 2.00pm Lunch in the group room
  • 3.00pm Experiential Group with Josh 
  • 4.30pm  NSDR (Non-sleep Deep Rest) with Kristine
  • 5.00pm Finish

Don’t miss this chance to learn to flow with Resurface and The Wave. Spaces are limited, so book your spot today and get ready for an amazing experience.

To learn more and to book now, click here.