“Digital Excellence for Health & Wellbeing Practitioners”

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“Digital Excellence for Health & Wellbeing Practitioners”  

We estimate that over 600k health & wellbeing practitioners are at work in the UK. A growing proportion of you are working with private clients and the demand for your services has never been higher. It’s an exciting time to be in private practice! But in this new world it has its challenges.

  • Too much work, and the administration can quickly get out of control.
  • Not enough work, how do you reach new clients easily?
  • Operating in a digital space can feel overwhelming.

I want to change those things. People need much better access to you and your skills and expertise, and the best outcomes they have to offer. I will show you how to analyse your business, piece together the information to make better business decisions, and use the right digital tools to grow. Together we change how health & wellbeing works in the digital world.

Topics we will cover:

  • How does ‘digital’ impact ‘excellence’.
  • What is data and how can you leverage it?
  • How to turn data into intelligence.
  • Why does practice management software help?
  • Setting intelligent goals for business growth.

Kim Page is a mother, an entrepreneur and innovator, and founder of Isosconnect. She has dedicated her career to helping healthcare practitioners get the best out of technology and ensuring that it ends up in the right place at the right time. After running social care, telehealth and telecare services, and with the experience of some serious long-standing health issues in her own home, Kim brings her passion and commitment directly to health and wellbeing professionals that are increasingly isolated from the big system and structure of healthcare institutions.


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