Jacky Power – Why Stay? Family Estrangement and Beyond

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“Why Stay? Family Estrangement and Beyond”


Having experienced family estrangement herself, Jacky is acutely aware of the shame and stigma that surrounds this topic. In this talk Jacky will share her lived experience of deciding to break herself free from her family of origin and the challenges that this presents. As a psychotherapist, she will also offer a psychological perspective of things to consider when supporting someone going through estrangement. Areas she will cover are:

  • What is estrangement and how did I get here?
  • The role of attachment – attachment trumps trauma.
  • Ambiguous loss – the need to grieve
  • Forgiveness – does it have a role in estrangement
  • Ongoing support required.

Leaving a corporate life behind as a Board Director of OgilvyOne Ireland, Jacky retrained to gain an MSc in addiction psychology and counselling, working with people struggling with addiction. She is a speaker for Visible Recovery and facilitates ‘permission to feel’ writing workshops. Jacky combines her psychological interests and poetry in her ‘The Therapeutic Poet’ podcast which was shortlisted for the International Podcast Awards in 2022. Her poetry collection was shortlisted for the IBA Awards 2022. She is director for Mindfest UK, a day dedicated to educating about emotional wellbeing and mental health. She is passionate to educate, entertain and empower people through these various channels in order to reduce shame and stigma. 

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