Operation Centaur – CPD Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

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Operation Centaur – CPD Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

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In an era where emotional distress is considered “all in the mind” and talk therapy the gold standard treatment, we risk overlooking the role of the body – our own, our clients, and the interactions between the two – in the therapeutic relationship.

Horses are highly sensitive to human physiology and non-verbal communication and provide immediate, non-judgemental feedback. Interacting with them is like holding up a mirror and seeing our innermost thoughts, feelings and tensions reflected back. Working alongside horses can therefore bring about a deeper understanding of your impact on clients and their impact on you, enabling greater agency over your wellbeing, to maximise your effectiveness and minimise burnout.


Our evidence-based Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) training programme combines interactions with horses and evidence-based psychotherapy techniques. At our CPD Day Programme, you will develop transferrable personal and clinical skills, and therapeutic techniques through an introduction to the four components of our unique EAP approach:


Develop a greater awareness and understanding of what it takes to look after yourself in your work, as you learn to listen to your body during your first interactions with our horses, and to reclaim responsibility for your wellbeing.


Through the process of building a bond with a powerful and commanding animal, you learn to tune into your own and others’ moment-to-moment experiences. You become able to respond to non-verbal signals from your own and others’ nervous systems, establishing co-regulation, and fostering security and respect.


Horses are constantly in motion. Working with our horses, you will develop a greater understanding of how and why your clients get stuck. You’ll find new ways to mobilise resources and create movement, in your practice and in their lives.


Clients – and therapists – suffer when a sense of purpose gets lost. Horses look to their herds for direction. Working with a group of humans and horses, you learn how and when to guide, when to hold back, when to accept and when to challenge. Harness the power of intention and the non- verbal cues we can use to express it, and how to embody the values of your practice.

Open to all qualified mental health professionals.

£395 per person (£345 early bird until 10th May).

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24-06-24 - 10:00 AM to
24-06-24 - 03:00 PM

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