Operation Centaur – Addiction Focussed Day Clinic

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Operation Centaur – Addiction Focussed Day Clinic

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In the case of addiction, it is all too clear that emotional anguish resides not only in the mind, but in the body, and in relationships with others, too. It is little surprise then, that talking therapy isn’t always enough to bring about lasting recovery. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) offers a different approach, one that can be transformative when combined with traditional treatment programmes or one-to-one therapy.

Working with a horse holds up a mirror to our behaviours, our unprocessed feelings, and our innermost fears. The wordless interactions offer compelling yet non-judgemental feedback, unearthing insights and providing solace. From the first encounter, our self-awareness and self- esteem can be enhanced, and we start to develop skills required for the positive relationships and emotional growth so critical to recovery, how to trust, communicate, establish boundaries, and overcome inevitable challenges.


Operation Centaur pioneered the practise and has been delivering this programme for over twenty years. Our EAP Day Clinic introduces the essential components of our approach to early recovery. No riding is involved, and no prior experience of horses is required. Our team of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists will guide you through experiential and reflective exercises with horses, exploring personal challenges around the following focus areas:


In a state of addiction, both physical and emotional self-care are overlooked. With our horses, we explore care, safety, threats to recovery and how to re-learn trust. The process prompts questions about what it means to be vulnerable, and open to care.


Addiction is an affliction of disconnection. To connect with a horse is to begin the process of connection with ourselves and others. Horses hold the space for a wordless, authentic relationship, free of judgement. In their presence we find love and happiness, but are also confronted by indifference, and fear.


Horses help us to move when we are stuck. By noticing and gently challenging old patterns, we install hope, and open up new pathways. Together we learn to work as a team, overcoming obstacles and blocks, with the horse setting our course.


A sense of purpose is key to recovery. In exploring the journey ahead, the possibility of recovery can start. Horses look to their herd for direction. Working as a horse/human team lends clarity to key questions: what do we want, what can we control, what do we need? We learn to mobilise resources and support, and to make and evaluate our choices, so that we can consider the future: what it might mean to relapse, the consequences, how to take responsibility, and how to stay open to help.

Open to adults struggling with addiction
£395 per person (£345 early bird until 10th May).

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