Operation Centaur – CPD Addiction Focussed Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

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Operation Centaur – CPD Addiction Focussed Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

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In the case of addiction, it is all too clear that emotional anguish resides not only in the mind, but in the body, and in relationships with others. It is little surprise then, that talking therapy isn’t always enough to bring about lasting recovery. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) can be transformative when combined with traditional treatment programmes or one-to-one therapy. As is their nature, horses get us where we want to go faster, and integrating EAP can be the key to maximising the effectiveness of your practice.

Working with horses holds up a mirror to our behaviours, unprocessed feelings and innermost fears. The wordless interactions provide solace for clients and unearth immediate insights for clients and therapists that might take months of talk therapy to uncover. From the first encounter, a client’s self- esteem and self-awareness can be enhanced, even after many years of stasis. EAP then develops skills required for the positive relationships and emotional growth so critical to recovery; how to trust, communicate, establish boundaries, and overcome inevitable challenges.


Operation Centaur pioneered the practice and has been delivering EAP training for over twenty years. No riding is involved, and no prior experience of horses is required. At our CPD Day Programme, you will develop transferrable personal and clinical skills through an experiential introduction to the four components of our unique EAP approach to early recovery:


In a state of addiction, both physical and emotional self-care are overlooked. With our horses, explore how to promote care and safety – for client and therapist – and how to work with threats to recovery in your practice.


Addiction is an affliction of disconnection. In creating a horse-human bond, hone your sensitivity and responsiveness to non-verbal signals in the therapeutic encounter to initiate co-regulation and strengthen connection with your clients.


Horses are constantly in motion. Working with our horses, you will develop a greater understanding of how and why your clients get stuck. Explore how to work as a team, instil hope, gently challenge old patterns, open up new pathways, mobilise resources, and overcome obstacles and blocks with your clients.


A sense of purpose is key to recovery. Horses look to their (horse or human) herd for direction and offer us insight into when to guide, when to hold back, when to accept and when to challenge when working with addiction. Develop the skills with our horses that will help you support your clients towards self-understanding, taking responsibility, and staying open to help, so they can consider and navigate the future.

Open to all Mental Health Professionals
£395 per person (£345 early bird until 10th May).

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