About Hazell & Partners

What we believe in

Our Values

At our Hazell & Partners, we believe in the importance of creating a culture of wellness and understanding. Our core values reflect this belief and guide the way we work with clients, colleagues, and partners.

One of our main values is empathy. We strive to understand the unique challenges and needs of each individual and organisation we work with, and to approach our work with compassion and sensitivity.

Another important value for us is accountability. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and are committed to delivering high-quality, effective solutions for our clients.

In addition, we value innovation and creativity. We strive to find new and better ways of helping our clients improve their mental health offerings, focusing on developing the mental health and addiction community through new ideas, educating the wider community and providing different ways to enable the audience to hear our clients offering.

Finally, we believe in the importance of continuous learning and growth. We are dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in the field of mental health, and we support our team members in their professional development.

Overall, our values serve as the foundation of our business and guide us in our efforts to make a positive impact in the field of mental health and addiction.

Our Team

Nick Hazell

Director / Business Development Specialist

With over 15 years of experience in business development across various sectors, with a focus on Private Mental Health and Addictions, I founded Hazell & Partners after 8 years at the Priory Group where I was responsible for private business development – including responsibility for inpatient and outpatient growth. My experience includes promoting the business at 14 Priory hospital sites, therapy centres and private practices. Over the years I developed a vast network of relationships with key referrers in the industry. My approach emphasises networking with GPs, Psychiatrists, Therapists and other clinicians.

At Hazell & Partners, I am committed to helping clients build positive relationships with key stakeholders to support business growth. I chair a successful webinar program for the Mental Health and Addiction industry, attracting over 500 clinicians with world renowned speakers.

I also founded Hazell Forums, a face-to-face conference for practitioners with successful events like & Updates in Addiction and bi-annual & Trauma Conferences;. Our goal is to work with the best clinicians and services, offering a wide range of bespoke packages to meet clients needs.

Sofia Guy

Business Development Specialist

After graduation, I pursued a career in the creative industries as a designer working for a corporate business but soon realized that it wasn’t fulfilling, and it didn’t live up to my values. I sought a work environment where I could make a positive impact in the world and peoples lives.

Before joining Hazell & Partners, I gained experience in various retail sectors, progressing from Team Leader and Assistant Manager. This experience allowed me to broaden my abilities in working with diverse people, cultures and backgrounds. Leading to a better understanding of customer trends and behaviour.

When I moved into the ecommerce sector, specializing in international VAT. I excelled in developing strategies to help clients achieve their financial goals and enjoyed working with businesses to expand into new territories.

My personal journey with mental health sparked my interest in self-help and psychology, driving me to become more self-aware and empathetic towards others. My values of honesty, compassion, trustworthiness, and determination guide me in both my work and personal life.

Victor Guy

Events Director

With a BSc in Health and Exercise Science and a MSc in Management, I bring a unique blend of expertise and perspectives to my role as Events Director at Hazell & Partners. My time at university gave me a solid understanding of the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, which is a cornerstone of the mental health industry, while my master’s degree in management has also been invaluable in helping me to plan and execute successful events and projects.

In my current role, I’m responsible for planning and executing a wide range of events, from webinars to conferences, that bring together professionals and clients in the mental health industry. I find great satisfaction in creating events that foster collaboration and help promote the latest advances in mental health research and treatment. 

At Hazell & Partners, we take pride in providing tailored services that meet the unique needs of our clients. I’m honoured to be part of such a dedicated team, and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn in my role as Events Director.

Looking forward..

Plans for the future

Hazell & Partners is a leading mental health and addiction business development firm with a passion for creating positive change in the industry. With over 15 years of experience, we have established a strong presence in the field and a commitment to providing the best services to our clients.

Our future vision is to take our successful conference series, Hazell Forums, worldwide while maintaining our values of providing impartial, unbiased education and networking opportunities. We strive to create a close-knit community where individuals feel supported and inspired to grow their practices.

Our goal is to be the number one problem solver within the mental health community, helping to build successful practices and provide access to the best mental health care. Hazell & Partners is dedicated to making a difference and improving the lives of those in need.